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Electronic medical records systems
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Electronic Medical Records Systems
TCI is an experienced installer and implementer of Electronic Medical Systems, we can transform your medical practice into a paperless environment using the latest software and hardware solutions available form leading providers such as SOAPWare, e-Clinical Works, Allscripts, Dell, Fujitsu and others. By using systems and products that are HIPAA approved, CCHIT certified and meet the meaningful use standard outlined by the Federal government you will be able to apply for up to 44,000.00 per provider in reimbursement.

Electronic Document and storage

Does the endless battle with paper in your business have you thinking there has to be a better way? Well there is, let us show you how with the proper equipment and software solutions you can convert your office to a more productive and efficient operation using electronic storage, digital document creation and conversion processes with products such as E-Drawer and Paperport Professional.

Data and Voice Communication Optimization

We can implement solutions that will integrate your voice and data systems so that you will be able to communicate with your important contacts whether they are in the office next to you or around the world. Unified communication systems from Shortel and Linksys\Cisco make it possible to send information from your desktop or any device you may want to use such as a smartphone or laptop anywhere in the world.

Computing Faxing and Data Integration

The old fashioned fax machine is dead (or should be), we can implement systems in your business that will allow you to send and receive faxes without a single piece of paper. By using dedicated fax server hardware and software we can deploy a solution that will answer incoming faxes and make them available to you at your desktop electronically, giving you the option to print or electronically file important documents and discard the junk. You will also have the ability to fax any document you create on your PC to any fax machine around the world without a trip to the fax machine.

Office Equipment Optimization

So many pieces of equipment and none of them talk to each other is a common complaint we hear. By allowing us to install the proper equipment in your office and make sure they are all connected we can ensure that you will maximize your office equipment dollars. Copiers, Printers, Scanners and PC’s can all be linked together to get maximum use and efficiency.

SOAPWare Electronic Medical Records

A well-balanced set of features and an amazing price point make the CCHIT-Certified Standard Edition the perfect fit for many solo/small practices. The most important features like E-prescribing, Health Maintenance, Flow Sheets, Basic Scheduling and more are included in Standard Edition. Don’t let other vendors intimidate you into spending more than is necessary for a certified system.

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